Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions 0 0 - March 2021
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  • Hamit Serdar Başbuğ, Macit Bitargil, Hakan Göçer, Yalçın Günerhan, Kanat Özışık     Iliac vein perforation caused by an ultrasound-accelerated thrombolysis catheter: An unusual complication of EKOS EndoWave
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2016 July;3(2):055-058
  • Hamit Serdar Başbuğ, Yalçın Günerhan, Hakan Göçer, Kanat Özışık     A muscular bridge with an absent left main trunk: A rare coronary artery anomaly
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2017 March;4(1):028-029
  • Hakan Göçer, Ahmet Barış Durukan     ACE-gene polymorphism, particularly "D/I", may play a role in the occurrence of COVID-19 pneumonia in hypertensive elderly patients
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2020 March;7(1):039-039
  • Hakan Göçer, Ahmet Barış Durukan, Mustafa Ünal     Comparison of the metabolic effects of eplerenone and spironolactone via plasma galectin-3 level in patients with heart failure
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2020 March;7(1):003-007
  • Hakan Göçer, Ahmet Barış Durukan     Suggestion for distance and route between operator and patient during coronary angiography during pandemic
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2020 July;7(2):
  • Mohammed Abusharekh, Akar Yılmaz, Çetin Alak, Emre Ertürk, Emin Evren Özcan, Hakan Göçer, Ahmet Barış Durukan     The influence of left ventricular pacing polarity on ventricular repolarization parameters in cardiac resynchronization therapy and its clinical reflections on ventricular tachyarrhythmias
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2021 January;8(1):044-052

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