Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions 0 0 - March 2024
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  • İhsan Alur, İbrahim Gökşin, Yusuf İzzettin Alihanoğlu, Fırat Durna, Levent Tuncay     Simultaneous nephrectomy, intracaval and right atrial tumor excision, caval patchplasty and coronary artery bypass grafting in patient with renal cell carcinoma
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2014 July;1(2):045-048
  • Tevfik Güneş, Yusuf İzzettin Alihanoğlu, İhsan Alur, Bekir Serhat Yıldız     Easily removal of a malappositioned coronary stent with a guidewire
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2015 July;2(2):047-048
  • İhsan Alur, Gökhan Pekel, Fırat Durna, Alperen Bahar, Yusuf İzzettin Alihanoğlu, İbrahim Gökşin6     Evaluation of retinal vessel caliber, choroidal thickness, and ocular perfusion pressure in patients with low cardiac ejection fraction
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2019 March;6(1):001-006

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