Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions 0 0 - July 2024
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  • Yücel Özen, Sabit Sarıkaya, Murat Bülent Rabuş, Deniz Günay, Eray Aksoy, Mehmet Dedemoğlu, Kaan Kırali     Comparison of the sternal wires and sternal cable in closure of the sternum during cardiac surgery
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2014 July;1(2):041-044
  • Özge Altaş, Sabit Sarıkaya, Kaan Kırali     Comparison of flexible and rigid annuloplasty rings in isolated mitral regurgitation
        Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions. 2023 March;10(1):015-022

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